Solar Roof Ventilator is designed to take advantage of free and clean solar energy to cool down your home and protect your home from airborne moisture related damage to building materials.

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Established in 2000 by 3 passionate and enthusiastic entrepreneur. Ecosmart has been providing potable water to Malaysian households & businesses for close to 10 Years. We provide One-stop, complete solution (4S) that includes Sales, Service, Spare Part and Survey.

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Smart Solar Water Heater

Verdant Star Solar Ventilation Fan

Smart Solar Water Heater Technology

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Disadvantages of Solar Flat Panel System

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“After replacement of Smartsolar, I do not worry about no hot water supply during the raining season, as the solar controller turn on the current automatically when the temperature goes down. No need turn on manually like my old solar heating system.”

“I did surveyed for few brands before I start renovation. Smartsolar’s price is higher compared to other local brand, but after consideration with my family we are still decided to choose Smartsolar as the salesperson really good and patient in explaining the products features which some other brand cannot be compared.”

“Finally I feel some fresh and cold air in my house! (After installation of 2 units Verdant Star Solar Roof Ventilator)”

“The Solar roof ventilation fan is awesome! I can feel different before and after installation in my upper floor. It look nice and solid compared to conventional roof ventilator.”

Welcome to Ecosmart Solar Heater Malaysia

Welcome to Ecosmart Technology. Our services and products include solar water heating systems, solar hot water heaters, roof vents, roof ventilation fans, and systems as well as solar roof ventilators. We take pride in our products and ensure that they are produced with finest materials to ensure that our customers always get the best value for their money. Just let us know what you are looking for, may it be solar heaters, roof ventilators or any other smart solar systems and we will happy to assist you.

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